"I Will Not Give Up My Burgers and My Beer " - Andrea

....And She Still Hasn't!  You will often see Andrea having her Burger and Beer down in Texas on the weekends.  The program is that simple.
Project Me is nation's number one program that will help you build your confidence, with a group of like minded woman, who achieve all sorts of results ranging from 5-100+ lbs lost, to toning up, and reshaping their bodies.

"I Will Not Give Up My Burgers Or My Beer!"

That is exactly what Andrea told me about 6 years ago when I talked to her about doing Project Me. I have to admit my thought was "Oh great here we go".  However, it wasn't the first week that she realized the benefits of the program and absolutely nailed it. You may or not know Andrea but she has become a Project Me coach, she has since moved to Texas, continued on the nutrition program, coached hundreds of clients, and will continue to have her Burgers and Beer.

Oh and did I mention that she started the program during her Birthday Month. That is another funny conversation at a later time.

Andrea is only one example of how the program can fit into your daily life without restricting you from your favorite things. The confidence this young woman has now is absolutely through the roof and not the shy girl when I first met her.

The one thing she did, as with every woman in Project Me, is that she trusted the process and became involved in the group. She reached out when she needed guidance and adopted a new mindset along the way. She practices "Habit Stacking" which we will teach you when you join the program. You will also meet Andrea and the amazing coaches that have one common goal in mind. Your success!

Below is a sample of some our "Me's" and their stories.  This is the ultimate online transformation program by providing you the accountability, support group, motivation and encouragement for you to get your life back and become who you want to be.  

I encourage you to watch the video from my good friend and co founder of Project Me- Caley

Coach Russ


"Project Megan" - The first Project Me 6-Week transformation!

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