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Average Age Of These Ladies: 40
Project Me is nation's number one program that will help you build your confidence, with a group of like minded woman, who achieve all sorts of results ranging from 5-100+ lbs lost, to toning up, and reshaping their bodies.

It’s really challenging when we want our friends, families, and co-workers to be in the same place as we are, but they just aren’t. The truth is, people are always going to be in varying stages of readiness for wanting to make a behavior change. And as much as we might want to nag our husbands to get to the gym or preach to our co-workers about the things they could be eating instead of that gross entrée from the work cafeteria, we aren’t going to be able to force anyone to change. In fact, in order for someone to make a change, they have to be ready for it themselves. I could write a whole separate post on how to gently coach your loved ones into becoming ready to tackle new health behaviors themselves, but for now I want to simply drive home the key point that you can’t force your new health journey on anyone else. However, you have to have that draw the line in the sand moment and say.  "Enough is enough.  I need to focus on me."  Here is a little secret, the more you focus on you the more energy you will have to focus on others.  

Tackle your health & fitness goals.

  • VIDEO WORKOUTS - On demand training videos & weekly live stream sessions.
  • WEEKLY RECIPES  - Healthy recipes. Always time-friendly, simple, and delicious.
  • SHOPPING LISTS - Premade shopping lists that are cost-effective and make your life easier.
  • ​MEAL PLANS -  Save energy and brainpower. We’ll plan it out for you. No biggie.
  • ​WEEKLY MEETINGS and DAILY INTERACTIONS - No one is successful alone.  Everyone needs someone


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